True History About Raja Dahir


Translation of the first chapter of Ghulam Murtaza Syed, “Warrior Heros of Sindh” (‘Sindh ja Suuriya’).  The translation from the original Sindhi monograph is by Gul Agha.]  

1. Prologue

2. The Nature of the Conquerors

3. Arabian Penninsula before the Prophet

4. What Followed the Death of the Prophet

5. The Banu Umaya Empire

6. Victory of Islam?

7. Love of One’s Country

8. The Character of Raja Dahir

9. Epilogue

1. Prologue

Sindh is one of the world’s most ancient civilized and organized countries.  As the nature of the such things, it has seen many a rise and fall.  The signs of its ancient glory are still to be found in the relics of Amri, Kot Diji and Moenjodaro.

For some of its history, Sindh has been ruled by natives, and for some of its history, it has seen hardship as a colony of aliens.  It has not yet…

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Open letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi -from a Dattatreya-koul

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Dear Rahul Gandhi Ji,
My name is Sandeep Koul and my Gotra is Dattatreya. It was heartening to see that you openly confessed your Gotra at Pushkar as Koul-Dattatreya .I saw the byte of the Priest on T.V, wherein he declared emphatically that you and your ancestors are ‘Kashmiri Brahmins’.

It is widely speculated or rather believed that you had to publically announce your caste and Gotra in order to look correct politically. However, your confession also portrays the polity of today’s India. Being just ‘secular’ is not enough today. Being Indian-without being framed as a Hindu or Muslim is just impossible today. And being Hindu, without divulging your caste is equally impossible.

Being a seasoned politician, I don’t need to tell you why?

B. T. W, Every time I fill a form, I am being asked my Religion as well as the caste.

Religion as well as caste…

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Complete English Translation of nilamata purANaM

Nilmata Purana (translated in English)

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                            The Nilamata Purana

by Dr. Ved Kumari

                        Jammu and Kashmir Academy of
                        Art, Culture and Languages,

          Om auspiciousness. Salutation to the auspicious Ganesa.
                 Salutation to the venerable Vasudeva Om.

1-2. Having paid homage to the god Hari – the abode of Sri, the giver of
boons, the highest lord, the master of three worlds, the finder of cow
(earth), the imperishable and the unchangeable – the honourable king
Janamejaya, the supporter of the family of Pariksita, asked Vyasa’s pupil

3. Janamejaya (said): “Kings of various countries – the great heroes – came to
the great Bharata war of my forefathers.

4-5. Say, why did not the king of Kasmira come there? Why was that king not
chosen by the sons of Pandu and Dhrtarastra? The region of Kasmira, of course,
occupies an important place in the world.

6. Vaisampayana (said): “Accompanied…

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My letter to Prime Minister Modi


Dear respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji,

I am not an Indian citizen but Iove India and want her culture to flourish and spread because it is most beneficial for all humanity. Except in India, all ancient cultures have been wiped out by Christianity or Islam or in some cases by communism. India is the last ancient culture standing but heavily under attack by those three forces.

Please allow me to make a suggestion, since I know both Christianity and Hindu Dharma as an insider.

The terms ‘Heathen’, ‘Kaffir’ and ‘idol worshipper’ are highly derogative and insulting, yet freely used for Hindus and taught to Christian and Muslim children. This is dangerous, as it dehumanizes Hindus and is prone to lead to hate crimes and even genocide. An UN official said on Holocaust Day that the Holocaust of the Jews did not start with gas chambers but with hate speech…

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Hello beautiful readers and bloggers. I’ve decided to introduce new guests on Thursday and Monday. I’ve also decided to change the topic of my guest star post to “Today’s Guest Is: *name*; so you guys know what to expect. And I also added to the questions. Well, with that said, my guest for today […] via … Continue reading TODAY’S GUEST IS: PURVA NARANG. — OKOTO ENIGMA’S BLOG

After countless job rejections, woman with Down Syndrome starts successful cookie company — Women in the World in Association with The New York Times – WITW

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